Work At MX

Open to: Creative 3D Artists, Video Editors, TV Concept Developers,

TV Presenters and Marketing Executives. (I.T. Students are welcome too).

The services of highly creative 3D Animators, Editors, TV Concept Developers, TV Presenters/News Anchors

and Marketing Executives are needed @ MX Creative Studios.

What is Expected of Me?

At MX Creative Studios, we employ people with different creative abilities.

We believe that more creative minds means more ideas and gets the job done quicker.

At MX Creative Studios thinking outside-of-the-box is a daily routine.

3D artists with like minds are welcome.

Most of the work we do here are largely based in documentary video production for Film & TV,

3D Animation for all purpose.

Living Outside Nigeria?

We are open to all creative minds, location is not a problem, we are ready to work with

TV Presenters, News Anchors and 3D artists from around the world.

Send Your Resume Now!

If you have browsed through our website and think that you have the innovative skills

to join our team of highly creative personnel, please forward your resume and/or

demo reel to