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VPASS Visitor Pass Management System

VPASS – Visitor Pass Management System was designed from the ground up to facilitate stress-free visitor pass management in all kinds of organizations.
Features includes; Self pre-registration online, Printing of ID cards for visitors

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XPRO Project Management System

Designed to enable a seamless workflow in executing your projects, our Project Management System helps you to easily;

Manage your human resources
Manage your projects
Manage sales , invoices, quotes and payments
View detailed project timeline
Create and Manage unlimited number of projects

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INVEN X Inventory Management System

Manage warehouses, staff attendance
View sales report, Expenses, customers , e.t.c.
Manage sales, invoices, payments and everything in between.

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MEDISYS Hospital Management System

With this you can easily manage complete hospital operations.View logs of all activitiesAllows users/patients to register online
Allows patients to book appointment online
Approve patients registrations and appointments
You can register patients from your own end as well
Register all your doctors, nurses, pharmacists and support staffs.
Check medical history of patients
Check payments

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XLAYER Closed Communication (Private Chat)
System For Organizations

Communicate easily with members of your team, fellow staff or students with extra layer of security.Create unlimited number of chat rooms
Protect unwanted persons from joining your chat room
Send images and documents easily.
View youtube and vimeo videos inside the chatroom without leaving the chat room
Chat one on one or create or join a group
Ban or revoke user access when they go against the rules.

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Custom Software Development Services

Do you have a specific software or app development requirements?Contact us now and leave the rest for us.

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